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Technological parameters of stamping elbow

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The technology parameters of stamping elbow needs according to a certain way and method, ensure the production and processing of punching elbow has good use features and advantages, play an important role and value in use. The performance and the process of a number of different factors influencing the stamping elbow often encountered in the production of stamping elbow, process parameters influencing the stamping elbow geometries have: push system with the blank material, wall thickness and diameter, core bouton material and shape, the heating temperature and its distribution and advancing velocity.
Forming parts, stamping elbow pre positioning by pressure core material plane of the positioning pin and hole, so the pressure core material in forming parts must ensure stable, reliable and correctly guide sliding, or parts in forming will will instability, so that the core material and the die wall pressure collision extrusion, cause parts produce tensile stress, when more than the strength limit of the material, causing parts tear, is deflective. Plus, if the die structure and consider other factors, to the neglect of using dedicated pilot slide guide, there are two parts after extrusion and friction strongly, the orientation space instantaneously destroyed to correct dangerous direction. With the continuous development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of the income level, we aim to the international advanced construction industry and shipbuilding industry and other related industries.
Different factors have different effects on the stamping elbow, in the use of the need to use the appropriate way and method to ensure that the use of stamping elbow in the use value and role. The stamping elbow is made of malleable cast iron, which is used for the connection of water supply pipe, water vapor pipeline, gas pipeline and oil pipeline. Stamping elbow color is black, right angle camber, excellent quality, wear resistance, not easy to damage. Stamping elbow specifications for 1/2-10 inch, product widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries of the pipeline device, installation, support and other services.
Hebei Shengtian pipe fittings Group Co., Ltd. is the main distribution of flange, elbow, three-way, four-way, elbow, intubation, different diameter pipe, high-pressure pipe seamless steel pipe, etc. products.
We continue to provide production technology at the same time, in the production process of the products continue to strengthen and improve the products quality assurance system, for every link in the production process strictly, strict quality detection of every product produced, in ensuring the quality of products, customers do not return sales records.

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