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Welding three way valve production process

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Three for pipe fittings, pipe fittings. Also known as pipe fitting three or three pipe fittings, the three - way connector, used in the main pipe to the branch pipe. Tee is a three hole, namely a import, two exports; or the two inlet, an outlet of a chemical pipe fittings, T-shaped and Y-shaped, has the same diameter nozzle, different diameter pipe for three of the same or different lines come together. The main effect of [1] three is to change the direction of fluid.
Welded tee is a director and a small branch tube, apparently, two large size is in charge of, intermediate pick out the small size is branch. In pure oxygen pipeline is generally pressure. When the oxygen is more active; such as the use of welded tee, as long as tube debris moves with the oxygen flow, due to the changes of the diameter, flow rate changes may be caused by collision of debris and the pipe production with fire or due to changes in flow velocity in electrostatic discharge, are likely to cause ignition of pure oxygen tube.
Welding three way valve has two kinds of structural forms of combined and diversion. Valve structure using a cylindrical thin window, and use the spool side guide, the three-way valve in certain situations can replace two two-way valve and a three-way takeover and wait until the widely used, commonly used in the heat exchanger of the two-phase adjustment, for a simple ratio regulation. Nominal diameter and pressure difference is small, the confluence valve can be used for streaming applications, used interchangeably, but the nominal diameter greater than 80mm and larger shunt pressure situations, can not be used interchangeably.
In the production process is divided into two kinds: one is the seamless cold drawn three, another is three. The welding seam
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