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The oil casing pipe's important position

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        The API 5CT P110 Oil Casing Pipe is a kind of large diameter pipe, which has the function of fixing the wall of oil and gas well or well hole. The casing is inserted into the well hole and fixed with cement to prevent the borehole from separating the rock formation and the borehole collapse, and ensuring the circulation of the drilling mud to be used for drilling.

  The petroleum industry is a large amount of oil used in the petroleum industry, and the petroleum industry occupies a very important position in the petroleum industry:

  1. The amount of oil casing pipe is large, spend more, save money, reduce the cost of the great potential. The consumption of  oil casing pipe can be calculated according to the amount of drilling per year. According to the specific situation of our country, in general, the 1m of the oil casing pipe is needed for each drilling 62kg, including casing 48kg, tubing 10kg. 3kg drill pipe, drill collar 0.5kg;

  2. The mechanical and environmental behavior of the petroleum pipe has important influence on the advanced technology and increasing production efficiency of the petroleum industry;

  3.  Great loss of poor oil casing pipe, So safety and reliability and life of the oil casing pipes play a very important role in oil industry.

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