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Development status of drill pipe

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  Because of the drill pipe is closely connected with human life and production activities, production technology of drill pipe industry has developed rapidly, not only bring forth the fresh and, steel pipe production in iron and steel industry occupies an irreplaceable position.

  Our country has become the world's water well 3/8′′ API drill pipe first exporter. Affected by the financial crisis and the European and American countries such as anti-dumping policy influence, in 2009, exports have been in the doldrums, but as the world economy and drill pipe warmed up further adjustment of product structure, as well as to the southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, the development of the market, exports rebounded sharply in 2017, believes the solidarity of the steel pipe industry, coordination and self-discipline will increase benefits for the export of China's steel industry, the market further, at the same time, import and export price difference will be narrowed.

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