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The named forwarder extra charge

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Who should be blamed ?
In our life we meet the problem all the time. As a man,we have to solve it. For me I meet a very unhappy things.
The named forwarder extra charge us for 400 RMB per container. But named forwarder is named forwarder we can do Nothing. We have to pay the payment. And hope next time could ask the client to change one. One bill high charge within 300 RMB is acceptable but each container is extra charge 400 RMB is really mad !!.
How to avoid the extra payment in loading port or discharge port ? All in all, the total amount from the loading port to the discharge port is fixed. only the profit is different for different forwarders. In order to make the prices is lower, the forwarder will cut down the prices here and high charge there. So how to avoid this matters happen ? Who should pay the bill ? Should I only offer EXW PRICE ? Then No extra charge in us. But clients will not know others costs. It will be quite trouble for them.
What should I do ??
To be or not to be it is a question.

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