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What is the special oil casing pipe?

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  There are two types, one is the pipeline pipe, as the name implies, the pipe that transports oil on the surface or underground. The other is the casing pipe, which has similar functions but can be used for underground drilling.

  This kind of pipe is different from ordinary pipe mainly because all kinds of indexes need to be strictly implemented according to a certain standard, such as ASTM series standards or API series standards for petroleum pipe.

  Generally speaking, the chemical properties should be stable, the content of C, P, s, Mn, P should meet the standard, and the mechanical properties should be certain, such as tension, compression, impact, bending, etc. the hardness, metallographic structure and other tests are required for heat treatment. In view of the pressure bearing transportation of such pipes, hydrostatic test should be carried out. Long Thread Seamless Steel Water Well Casing Pip Once such pipes are installed into a certain line, they will be replaced or repaired The cost and cost are huge, so NDT must be carried out one by one before delivery: the methods can be ultrasonic testing / magnetic particle testing / eddy current testing.

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