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Drill pipe main features

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  The drill pipe is a steel pipe with thread at the tail, which is used to connect the surface equipment of the drilling machine and the drilling and grinding equipment or bottom hole device at the bottom of the drilling machine. The purpose of drill pipe is to transport drilling mud to drill bit and raise, lower or rotate bottom hole device together with drill bit. The drill pipe must be able to withstand huge internal and external pressure, distortion, bending and vibration. In the process of oil and gas extraction, drill pipe can be used many times.

  The smooth pipe and the original API 7-1 Nc38/Nc50 Drilling Tool/ Drill Pipes are made into drill pipe after several processing steps. First of all, through the process of steel pipe thickening, the outer surface of the smooth pipe is facing the inner bend, and the wall of the steel pipe is thickened. Next, the thread is machined and plated with copper to increase the strength. Then the nondestructive quality control inspection is carried out, and then the welding of the steel pipe body joint is carried out. After that, the pipe will undergo welding heat treatment and welding final treatment to eliminate welding residual stress. Before the paint transfer and packaging of the finished drill pipe, other tests shall be carried out for the finished steel pipe, including hardness test, pressure test and non-destructive test.

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