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Classification and specification of flanges

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Hebei Shengtian pipe fittings Group Co., Ltd. is the main distribution of elbow, three-way, four-way, elbow, intubation, different diameter pipe, high-pressure pipe seamless steel pipe, etc. products, we constantly updated products, at the same time, follow up product news update, if you have a pipe product knowledge confusion please timely attention to our website, every day we will update news information products.
According to the structure of the flange type, there is the overall flange, a live set of flange and threaded flange. There is a common integral flange flange and butt welding flange. It can be formed by casting and (figure not available), may also be threaded or welded together. Flange (joint) is made of a pair of flanges, a gasket and a plurality of bolts and nuts. Gaskets are placed in between the cover of the two laws Lanmi, tighten the nut, the gasket surface pressure reaches a certain value the deformation, and filled with dense cover on the surface uneven, thus making the connection does not leak tight. Removable flange connection is a connection.
Flat welding flange less rigid, and is suitable for occasions of pressure P is less than or equal to 4 MPa; butt welded flange also known as high neck flange, rigidity, suitable for high pressure temperature of the occasion. Flange sealing surface of the type three: planar sealing surface for the pressure is not high, medium, and is non-toxic occasions; uneven sealing surface, suitable for occasions to pressure slightly higher; tongue and groove sealing surface for flammable, explosive, toxic, medium and high pressure situations.
A winding type gasket made of a thin steel tape and an asbestos tape. Ordinary rubber gasket for temperature lower than 120 DEG C; asbestos rubber gasket are applicable to the water vapor temperature below 450 DEG C, the oil temperature below 350 DEG C, the pressure is 5MPa below the occasion, for general corrosive medium, the most commonly used is acid asbestos board. According to the parts can be divided into the parts of the vessel flange and pipe flange.
Flange gasket is a kind of material can produce plastic deformation, and has a certain strength of the ring. Most of the gasket is from non metal plate cutting down, or by professional plant according to the size of the provisions made, the material for asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos board, polyethylene plate; also useful thin metal plate (galvanized iron sheet, stainless steel) will be asbestos nonmetal material wrapped up made of metal gasket.
We continue to provide production technology at the same time, in the production process of the products continue to strengthen and improve the products quality assurance system, for every link in the production process strictly, strict quality detection of every product produced, in ensuring the quality of products, customers do not return sales records.

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