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Storage conditions of sreen pipe

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  Select suitable site and warehouse for screen pipe:

  1) the site or warehouse for the storage of steel should be kept in a clean and unobstructed place, away from the factory where harmful gas or dust is produced. Remove weeds and all debris on the ground to keep the steel clean;

  2) in the warehouse, it shall not be piled up with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials that are corrosive to steel. Different types of steel should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact corrosion;

  3) large scale steel, steel rail, degrading steel plate, large diameter steel pipe and forgings can be piled up in the open air;

  4) small and medium sized steel, rod, steel, medium caliber steel pipe, steel wire and wire rope, etc. can be stored in a well-ventilated material shed, but must be covered under the cover;

  5) some small steel, thin steel plate, steel belt, silicon steel sheet, small diameter or thin wall steel pipe, various cold rolling, cold drawn steel, high price, easy to corrode metal products, can be stored in the warehouse;

  6) the storehouse should be selected according to geographical conditions, generally use the general closed warehouse, that is, the roof has a wall, the door and Windows are close, the storehouse with ventilation installation;

  7) the warehouse requires that the weather should be ventilated on a sunny day, and the damp proof should be closed on rainy days, and the storage environment is always suitable.

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