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What is anti-dumping?

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What is anti-dumping?

  Dumping is a price that is lower than the normal value in the world market to export to a certain country. Dumping fact is not easy to confirmed,  It needs the specialized organizations to carry out a period of investigation, the normal value is generally the domestic sales price or cost price, but because China is not considered a market economy, so for China often use the third country prices, such as India. Below this price, and the related industries of the importing country cause substantial damage or damage to the real threat before and can be identified as dumping.

  Anti dumping is taken by the government to protect their infant industries or major pillar industries and of foreign dumping products anti-dumping duties and other measures, by these means make the import price and the international market leveled, to protect their domestic industries.

  Anti dumping is a means of protection, that is, the use of more than a tariff, or a collection of anti-dumping duties, to protect their own goods.

  Anti dumping measures:

  The final remedy is to impose anti-dumping duties on the products. The amount of the anti-dumping duty can be equal to the dumping margin, and can also be lower than the margin of dumping.

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