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Hebei Shengtian pipe fittings group to introduce to you the elbows

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Review of abrasion resistance
Industrial elbow wear has been a factor in a safe and civilized production, with the continuous development of science and technology, innovation of materials appeared cast stone, cast steel, alloy, centrifugal casting composite ceramics etc. materials. Which alumina ceramic lined pipe with high wear resistance, high hardness, oxidation resistance, resistant corrosion and high resistance to high temperature strength properties has become a kind of the most widely used wear-resistant materials, takes up about 80% of the world special ceramics market share (wear-resistant materials).
Since 1993, our company independent research and development of the "fine city" brand wear-resisting bend and lining board since working on the production and research of the project has reached more than ten years, at present the performance index has been in the international leading level. Products have been sold to over 30 provinces and cities in the country more than 400 customers, widely distributed in thermal power, steel, smelting, cement, machinery, coal, mining, chemical industry, port and dock wear serious industry.
In foreign countries, industrial enterprises commonly used ceramic wear-resistant anti mill liners, including Kyocera (Kyocera), Kyushu, and the German BMW and other well-known enterprises are used high aluminum porcelain production liner and wear parts. Imports of foreign equipment, most of them are with the wear-resistant elbow, such as Huaneng Dalian Power Plant, Huaneng Yueyang Power Plant phase, Guohua Sanhe Power Plant, Datang acts river power plant, Jiangsu Lee Gang power factory factory, wear-resisting bend factory on Mount wear-resistant ceramic.
In recent years, with the acceleration of power construction of our country continue to promote the development and new technologies, new materials, wear-resistant elbow has been applied to the dozens of new power plant engineering, North China Electric Power Design Institute of Inner Mongolia Daihai Power Plant (2 * 600MW), Central South Electric Power Design Institute Design of Huaneng Yueyang Power Plant (2 * 300MW), Jiangsu Electric Power Design Institute design Suyuan Jianbi Power Plant (2 * 300MW).
Hebei Shengtian pipe fittings group is set casting, machining, painting, trade and engineering services in one of the modern group of enterprises, professional engaged in a variety of seamless pipe, elbow, carbon steel pipe fittings, pipe fittings of R & D and production for many years, experienced, lower prices and better quality products, exported to Southeast Asia, we sincerely welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad to visit the guide, and seek common development.

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