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Carbon steel flange connection, quality assurance

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Carbon steel flange is a for pipe connection flange and pipe fitting, there are many kinds of flange, carbon steel flat welding flange just the a. Carbon steel flange and pipe connection must pay attention to the quality of its connection, which has a significant impact on the strength and tightness of the pipeline connection, but also affects the heart of the whole pipeline. So in the pipeline mounting flange must be to ensure that the center of the flange and the pipe center in a straight line, to maintain the sealing surface of the vertical, with both ends of the pipeline flange screw position consistent.
To ensure that the carbon steel flat welding flange connection quality, before the installation of flange and bolts and gaskets for careful examination and treatment:
1, first of all to the dimensions of carbon steel flat welding flange is examined in detail, including flange of the inner and outer diameter and groove, a bolt hole center distance, the flange height, to ensure strict compliance with the design requirements.
2, the sealing surface of carbon steel flange to keep smooth, no burr and radial grooves. If you have to deal with it.
3, with the threaded flange of the screw to remain intact, can not be damaged. The flange of the concave and convex surface can do to ensure natural chimerism, height is not lower than the convex groove depth.
4, the rubber asbestos board, rubber board, plastic and other materials made of flange gasket to maintain a flexible texture, no aging, metamorphism and stratification phenomenon. The gasket surface can not have a defect, ensure that the material and the design of the selected material is consistent. If the metal gasket, the finishing size, accuracy and surface roughness and hardness shall comply with the design requirements, no surface crack, burr, Nick, and rust and other defects.
5, in carbon steel flat welding flange pipe assembly before, we must first clear surface of the flange and sealing surface of rust and other impurities, until the exposed its metallic luster now, to ensure that the carbon steel flat welding flange sealing surface of the sealing line clean and remove.
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